20200 - Accounting I


This course is designed to help students understand basic accounting principles and procedures and the handling of daily recording of the financial activities of a small business. A practice set will be completed which includes all financial activities for a business for a one-month period of time. Students will also learn the basic skills of 10-key calculators. Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) standards will be an integral part of this class. Dual credit may be obtained from the Maricopa Community College system for this program at high schools offering this option. Successful completion of the program may qualify students to receive the Mastery of Subject Area Graduation Endorsement. Students are encouraged to work with their program teachers to determine eligibility. For Office Use Only. CIP Code: 52.0300.20

Credits: 1
1 Elective Credit
Course Fees  

Consumable Fee 25

Business Foundations