24720 - Entertainment and Travel Management



This course prepares students for occupations in a variety of hospitality services and facilities including: hotels, resorts, convention centers, National parks, travel agencies and cruise lines. The course focuses on principles of operations in the travel and tourism industries, hotel and lodging facilities, food services, recreation, hospitality planning, and business operations. Emphasis is placed on critical thinking, practical problem solving, and entrepreneurship opportunities within the field of hospitality. Core academic application of math, science, and language arts are emphasized as appropriate in the hospitality industry. Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) standards will be an integral part of this class. Dual credit may be obtained from the Maricopa Community College system for this course at high schools offering this option. Successful completion of the program may qualify students to receive the Mastery of Subject Area Graduation Endorsement. Students are encouraged to work with their program teachers to determine eligibility.

Credits: 1
1 Elective Credit
Course Fees