20235 / 20236 - Adv Mktg/Sales-Work Experience



Advanced Marketing is a two-credit course. This course meets the Economics requirement for graduation and enrollment into Arizona State Universities. One credit will be earned for the course and one credit for the job experience. This course is offered to seniors who have an interest in learning about and gaining experience in the fields of marketing and business management. As part of this program, students will be employed and paid by a marketing business. Job opportunities will include clothing, department and specialty stores, banks and hotels as well as various other marketing occupations. Course activities include "hands-on" experiences in advertising, display, management, sales, and communication. Students are required to sign-up for the work experience credit. The campus student store is a hands-on laboratory setting for the students to apply marketing concepts and will be utilized in the marketing class instruction. Students may earn 1 credit for every 123 hours of documented supervised work experience. No more than 4 credits (492 hours) may be earned in this program. Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) standards will be an integral part of this class. Dual credit may be obtained from the Maricopa Community College system for this program at high schools offering this option. Successful completion of the program may qualify students to receive the Mastery of Subject Area Graduation Endorsement. Students are encouraged to work with their program teachers to determine eligibility.

Credits: 2
2 Elective Credit
Course Fees  


Marketing OR Sports, Entertainment and Hospitality Marketing OR Advertising OR Entrepreneurship; ability to provide own transportation to internship site 1st Work Experience must be taken concurrently with Adv. Marketing or concurrently; Students must obtain a paid/unpaid job whereby they complete a minimum of 135 hours between July 1st and end of current school year 1 Credit - Course work 1 Credit - Work Experience