23221 / 23222 - PatientCare Careers/Nurse Asst



The nursing assistant is an integral member of the health care team who, under the direction and delegation of a licensed nurse, and within a specified job description and scope of practice, provides direct patient care. This course builds on previous learned program content and focuses on essential nursing assistant knowledge, skills and work-based learning to develop students as safe and competent patient care providers. Upon successful course completion, students are eligible for application to the AZ State Board of Nursing for nursing assistant certification and employment. Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) standards will be an integral part of this class. Dual credit may be obtained from the Maricopa Community College system for this program at high schools offering this option. Effective 1/1/2014: "Students must complete the Online Clinical Orientation in order to participate in clinicals and observations. Each student will register, pay an $8.00 fee and take courses that prepare them for medical facilities i.e.: HIPAA, patient confidentiality, blood-borne pathogens etc." Students must also earn a minimum of 80% in the course to sit for the CNA exam. Successful completion of the program may qualify students to receive the Mastery of Subject Area Graduation Endorsement. Students are encouraged to work with their program teachers to determine eligibility.

Credits: 1
1 Elective Credit
Course Fees  


Students must earn a minimum of 80% in Fundamentals of Medical Assisting or Intro to Health Care Careers in order to enroll in this course and be eligible to take the CNA exam at the end of this course. Junior status Due to limited capacity, high demand and requirements for this program, student selection will be based on the following criteria: Ability to provide own transportation; Due to AZ State Board of Nursing regulations students will be subject to additional requirements and fees for supplies